Sensei Wu awakens in the underworld. He begins his search for Garmadon. The other ninjas arrive at the
Weapons of Destiny
temple. Zane tells them that all the weapons are in the underworld. Cole admits they have been defeated. Kai and Nya appear with the Fire Dragon. The dragons can travel through the underworld. Cole, scared of dragons, tell them they can't all fit on there. Kai gets all the other dragons. They pass into the underworld, and the ninjas sneak to the Fortress. Jay, still unable to speak, notices they are hanging from spider legs. Unable to hear him, they plummet to the ground, being spotted by the skeletons. Jay regains his voice and tells them to use the Tornado of Creation. They turn the skeletons into a ferris wheel. In the throne room, Sensei Wu battles skeletons and then, Samukai. Samukai battles Sensei Wu with the Scythe of Quakes, Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Shurikens of Ice. Sensei Wu battles Samukai with the Sword of Fire. The ninja arrrive and are ready to attack, except for Kai who tells them this is Sensei Wu's fight. Sensei Wu is defeated and Samukai claims the sword. He betrays Garmadon, keeping the weapns himself. With no one able to handel the weapons together, Samukai dies and creates a portal. Garmadon escapes. Even through, Sensei Wu knowns Garmadon will return. The ninjas get their weapons and go back to the Blacksmith Shop.