The battle causes Kai to be thrown out on the training course. Kai actives it to disarm the ninjas. Sensei Wu stops
The Golden Weapon
the fight. Wu uses Spinjitzu to change the color of the other ninja's outfits. Wu introduces the other ninja. They head to the Caves of Despair to get the Scythe of Quakes. Kai hurries ahead. Krazi sees him and is ready to sound the alarm. The other ninjas beat him up and hurry after Kai. They steal the map of weapons from Samukai. The ninjas get the weapon and are attacked by Samukai and his army. Jay notices the enemies are like the training course and uses Spinjitzu for the first time. The rest of the ninjas use it and force Samukai and his army retreat. As they are about to leave, they are attacked by the Earth Dragon. Kai uses the scythe allowing them to escape through a hole made by the powerful force of the weapon. Sensei Wu is angry, as he told them not to use the weapon. Then, secretly in the underworld, Samukai tells Garmadon of his failure. Garmadon laughs and tells him ever thing is going as planned.


  • Nya (Mentioned)