Sensei Wu tells the ninjas to start training for his brother's return. Zan tells him ever since he escaped through
Rise of the Snakes
the portal, Ninjago has have nothing but peace. Sensei tells them not to "not putting off onto tomorrow what can be done today". Then, he tells him they haven't yet reached their full potential. The ninjas tell him they'll be ready for his return. Nya rushes in to tell them Gardamon has returned. They travel to Jamonicai Village to stop Garmadon, only to find his son, Lloyd Garmadon. Lloyd is trying to terrorize the town for their candy, and threatens to release the "serpentine", only to be hang on the Candy Shop sign by the ninjas. On they're way back, Kai discovers he has Sensei's bag. Zane tells him he must have token it in the rush. They find out one of them is going to be the Green Ninja, destined to deefeat the dark lord. They all start to boast, and quickly get stopped by Cole. They head back to the Monastery. Meanwhile, Lloyd wonders the frozen wasteland. He finds a large stone and a snake switch. He pulls it and falls into the frozen Hypnobrai cave. He walks around until he is found by Slithraa, General of the Hypnobrai. He tries to hypnotize him but inside ends up hypnotizing himself. Lloyd finds a chance to take control, and gets his own snake army. Back at the monastery, the ninjas hold a tournament to see who will become the green ninja. During the last battle, Kai sets the monastery on fire, lucky to be stopped by Sensei Wu. Later, Sensei Wu senses the rise of the snakes. The ninja quickly rush over to the village, mostly cause Nya is there. They battle them until they retreat. But before the ninjas leave, Skales, Second-in-Command, hypnotizes Cole, taking control of him. Nya reminds him that he has the staff. Unhypnotize, he plants the staff into the fountain. Later, at the Hypnobrai's Cave, Mezmo tells Skales to take control and stop this childish ruling. But, Skales tells him Cole's under his control and soon will rule the Hypnobrai.