The ninja are trying to find the Shurikens of Ice. Sensei Wu tells them about a special spinjitzu move: the Tornado of
King of Shadows
Creation. Kai trys to do it. The boat crashes onto a frozen cave. The ninja head inside to find the Shurikens. They fight off the Ice Dragon. They head to the Floating Ruins, with Samukai on their tail. They come in touch with Lightning Dragon, from with Jay's inventing skills, float off to the Forest of Tranquility. They build a campsite and have a party. Later at night, Kai is awoken by Nya. She runs away, and Kai chases her to the Fire Temple. Then, Nya turns into a shadow, as being a trick by Lord Garmadon. Kai relizes he forget his sword. He sees Nya hanging over lava in chains. Kai takes the Sword of Fire and rescues Nya. Kai fights off his own shadows. Sensei Wu comes to the rescue and defeats them. The Sensei sacrifices himself. At the ninja's campsite, the skeletons have tied Cole, Jay, and Zane to a tree. Jay grabs a sword and cuts them free. The three ninja's chase Samukai, as he and his army are trying to reach the Underworld. The portal opens and the Skull Truck tries to go fast to get in. The truck is slowed down and Jay tries to get the weapons, only geting hit by Cole's weapon, losing his voice. Zane tries to take control of the truck, but is being driven by Samukai. Samukai picks up speed, throwing the ninjas off. The truck goes through the portal as it closes.